NDIS is currently available for individuals using a self managed plan.


Chronic Disease Management Plan (formally the Enhanced Primary Care Plan EPC)

This is an annual plan that entitles you to 5 rebates from Medicare for your speech pathology therapy sessions. You will need to meet with your GP to discuss your eligibility for this plan. Eligibility is based on if a child is deemed to have a chronic condition requiring ongoing care from two or more health professionals.  If approved your GP will provide you with a written referral, which you must provide to your Speech Pathologist, before completing the first session under the plan. Your speech pathologist will then correspond with your GP to inform them of goals and progress made under the Chronic Disease Management Plan. Read More

Helping Children with Autism Program

This is a one off plan that enables parents of children with Autism, less than 13 years of age, to receive Medicare rebates for up to 4 assessment and 20 therapy sessions. Parents need to attend an appointment with a Consultant Paediatrician or Psychiatrist to receive a referral. Once again the Speech Pathologist will liaise with the Paediatrician or Psychiatrist about results, goals and progress under this plan. Read More


Reneé is a Medicare Provider and as such is automatically registered with all Private Health Funds. Speech Pathology services are able to be claimed through private health funds however it is advised that all clients speak with their health funds to determine their level of cover.