In order to establish a sound understanding of your child’s skills, a comprehensive initial assessment is conducted. This may occur over one or a few sessions. The speech pathologist will use a variety of formal standardised and informal assessment tools to assess your child. Depending on your child’s age and ability the assessment tools will vary, for example assessments for preschool aged children tend to have a heavy focus on play based activities. An assessment is a crucial part of speech therapy as it helps the speech pathologist achieve a baseline for your child’s skills and is invaluable with setting goals for intervention.


Bridge The Gap Speech Pathology is a mobile paediatric speech pathology service that offers a range of therapy delivery models on Sydney’s North Shore, in either the home or school setting.

Bridge The Gap Speech Pathology offers individual, peer and group therapy sessions. Also for families who are unable to access therapy in their area, skype therapy is also available, where appropriate.

As part of therapy with Bridge The Gap the Speech Pathologist will develop a management plan, along with the child’s family, teachers and allied health team, outlining short term and long term goals. Goals are developed from interviews with family and team members, assessment results and evidence based practice.

Feedback is provided with each session, either face to face or when parents are unable to attend the session through emails and communication books. Feedback is an important part of intervention as it is where the speech pathologist and parents can discuss progress and goals.

Finally homework will also be given following therapy sessions to ensure goals are continually practised and supported outside of therapy. The speech pathologist will support parents and teachers to ensure they feel comfortable with carrying out any homework practise.


Consultations are available to discuss;

  • Planning for school – Individual Education Plans
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication
  • Behavioural Support
  • Social Skills
  • Language & Literacy


Bridge The Gap Speech Pathology offers mentoring, information presentations and workshops for parents, teachers, allied health professionals and doctors. Through providing professional development opportunities, Bridge The Gap Speech Pathology believes we will be able to better support those who require help and help bridge understanding between the disability community and the wider community. Bridge The Gap Speech Pathology offers workshops and presentations on a range of topics, such as;

  • Language development
  • The importance of play
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders and Developmental Disorders
  • Supporting students in mainstream classrooms
  • The Role of a Speech Pathologist

Please feel free to contact Bridge The Gap for further information.