This is a thank you to my superstars, my little heroes and my buddies. To all the wonderful, terrific, awe-inspiring children that I work with, you are my heroes. I consider myself unbelievably lucky that I get to come to work every day and see your smiling faces, and even on those days when you aren’t too happy to come to therapy, you still manage to smile and in turn brighten my day.

Not only have you taught me the difference between a Teratosaurus and an Allosaurus, or the correct sound to make when playing star wars, or why Spiderman would beat Batman every time in a fight…. you have taught me strength, creativity and joy.

It amazes me the constant endurance, resilience and desire you all show in every little task, be it to complete a ring stacker, finish reading a book or complete a sentence; you never stop until you can do it yourself. I see those little cogs turning and churning in every activity, you may be tired and may be a bit grumpy or frustrated that it just isn’t falling into place, but still you persist. You are GREAT!

I love your straight forward manner, you have the ability to say what is really happening “it is too hard Renee” “your hair looks funny today” or questions that make me think “why is there three different ways to spell poor/pour/paw?” I thank you for always telling the truth, even when it is my hair that is out of place!

Your creativity….wow! You can look at an object and it can be a robot, a space craft, a castle and a school in the space of a minute. You can create amazing wonderful stories that truly make you smile. Thank you for letting me be a part of those stories.

Finally, thank you for never giving up, even on those days when it is hard and I am asking you to just do one more activity. You are all unbelievably amazing kids, you show me strength, determination, joy and creativity every session, and I know my job is to teach you but every day you teach me something new. Thanks superstars!!!!

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